Moscas de la fruta, Bayer logra el control definitivo

It is well known by everyone who is dedicated to pest control that infestations of fruit flies or vinegar flies are a real problem with much difficulty in achieving pest control . These small and annoying flies usually indicate the presence of fungi and dirt in places that are not accessible for conventional cleaning, such as grilles, drains, drains, behind and under refrigerators, among others.

The mixture of insecticides of Bayer  Temprid Sc. With Starycide has achieved a total and lasting control in doses of 2 cubic centimeters of each per liter of water. The work of the Starycide is notorious after 4 or 5 days of application since flies cease to appear on the walls and other places of the treated facilities. This mixture that has already solved the bed bug control problems , has now proven to be able to solve another real problem of the pest control sector such as the kitchen and bathroom flies. The need for products derived from a responsible research and development process, as well as the uselessness of sprinkling poisons irrationally, becomes increasingly evident. As if all this were not enough, this mixture is less toxic than many of the over-the-counter cleaning products sold in the market. 


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